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  • GenomicsGenetic Visions, Inc. Announces Illumina CSPro Certification for GoldenGate
  • Genetic Visions, Inc. announced recently that it has successfully completed Illumina CSPro® certification for GoldenGate, gaining entry to an elite group of Illumina genomics service providers globally. Illumina Inc., a San Diego-based company, provides leading-edge genetic analysis tools to genomics centers worldwide.

    "This is our second Illumina CSPro Certification. GoldenGate allows us to design small custom assays as well as employ commercially available kits," says Dr. Mike Cowan, General Manager of Genetic Visions and Vice President of Research for Accelerated Genetics. More…
  • Genomics Genetic Visions - Genomics Update: What Does The Future Hold For Genomic Evaluations And You.
  • January 2009, marked the start of genomic evaluations in the USA as an official genetic evaluation for dairy cattle. The Holstein breed provided the foundation for this new method of estimating the genetic merit of individual animals by assigning economic values to changes in the animal's DNA structure. Over the past year, sufficient animals in the Jersey and Brown Swiss breeds have been genotyped to include them as part of official genomic evaluations issued by USDA-AIPL. Collectively, nearly 40,000 animals have provided single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotypes to the US database, a database that is shared, through cooperative agreements, with Canada for the Holstein breed. More…
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    Dr. Kent Weigel & Dr. C. Michael Cowan - Part 1 & 2, Genomic Selection of Dairy Cattle: Opportunities and Challenges

    View these presentations from the 2009 World Dairy Expo, Educational seminar Series, September 29-October 3, 2009 in Madison, Wisconsin. More…

  • Genomic Test

    Genetic Visions Receives New Certification

    Recently, Genetic Visions, Inc. passed their final lab audit for Illumnia’s CSPro Certification Process for Infinium® Whole-Genome Genotyping. This was the final phase in the certification process. The entire certification process involved written exams, data generation, demonstration of lab proficiency, data analysis and quality control. More…

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    DNA Tools Coming Of Age

    By Dr. C. Michael Cowan Vice-President Research Accelerated Genetics and General Manager Genetic Visions Inc.

    The popular Crime Scene Investigation "CSI" TV series dazzles viewers by solving the seemingly unsolvable, uncovering the smallest piece of evidence which leads to the culprit and brings the crime to resolution; often by the unique characteristics of DNA. While not as dramatic as these popular shows, the tools used to detect and define the characteristics of DNA play an ever growing role in the AI industry. Modifications in the basic building blocks of DNA are used as selection tools, in animal identity and traceability, in detection of undesirable genes, accessing the caliber of young sire progeny test herds, as an added quality control in semen processing and provides the foundation for research projects that will expand our understanding genetic and environmental factors. More…

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    Secrets of the Bovine Genome Revealed

    Genetic Visions, Inc. Advances Genomic Testing Capabilities Through New Equipment Investment AND Accelerated Genetics Incorporates Genomic Predictions Into Sire Selection Program

    For the past 20 years, Genetic Visions, Inc., Middleton, Wis., has been on the cutting edge of bovine genetic marker research identifying genes influencing production traits, gestation length, animal health and viability. Recently, Genetic Visions invested in genomic scanning equipment from Illumina, Inc., San Diego, Calif., that will allow them to use the "gold standard" of genomic scanning procedures using Illumina's Bovine 50K SNP assay. More…