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Genomic Genotyping Services:

GGP_SuperLD (20k)
$45 per U.S Domestic Sample
GHD (80k)
$125 per U.S. Domestic Sample
Service includes genotyping of sample, submission of genotypes to the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB), reporting of parentage errors plus a link to view and retrieve genomic evaluations from the CDCB/USDA-AIPL programs. Effective March 1, 2013, the CDCB group has issued a fee schedule for samples. Be advised that when submitting samples additional fees may apply. Fees are based on sex, age and herd location of test sample. When submitting samples provide the DHI Herd Code where test sample resides.

Genomic Test

Genetic Visions-ST LLC tests DNA from cattle to identify genes influencing production traits, hair color and animal health and viability. Alterations in the composition of DNA provide "genetic markersā€. Genetic markers can be used to aid selection of animal pairings for breeding programs.

The company has its roots in concentrated research begun in 1986 by Dr. Michael Cowan in conjunction with researchers at the University of Wisconsin. He formed a company, Genetic Visions Inc., two years later as the research arm of Tri-State Breeders, now Accelerated Genetics. Livestock reproductive services innovator STgeneticsā„¢ acquired Genetic Visions Inc. from Accelerated Genetics in January 2016 and renamed the company Genetic Visions-ST. Cowan continues to lead Genetic Visions-ST.


Press Room

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  • Genomic Test

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