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Complex Vertebral Malformation (CVM) - $40.00/sample

Genetic Visions is pleased to announce the addition of a test for Complex Vertebral Malformation (CVM) to its list of commercial tests.

The test was developed at Genetic Visions and uses a unique technology that detects single-base polymorphisms (SNP). Genetic Visions' CVM test is recognized by the Holstein Association USA, therefore, the results will be recorded and listed on pedigrees. The cost of the test is $40.00 per sample. To run this test, we require whole blood preserved with EDTA (Purple Top) or a unit of semen. At the present time, results will be available within one week to ten days from receipt of sample(s).

The Holstein Association has recognized CVM as an undesirable genetic recessive.

CVM as a lethal recessive can increase the rate of embryonic loss and number of stillbirths. Mating a carrier to a carrier will result in 1/4 of the pregnancies receiving the CVM gene from each parent and be lost, 1/2 of the pregnancies will inherit one copy of the CVM gene but are normal and 1/4 of the pregnancies will be free of the CVM gene. Among the pregnancies that receive the CVM gene from both parents, 80% of the embryos will be lost during first 3 months of gestation, losses continue to progress afterwards with only a few surviving to neare term. A stillborn CVM calf will have a shortened neck due to malformed vertebra, fused ribs on the right side and contracted fetlocks.

Fortunately, accurate genetic testing can easily distinguish animals that carry the CVM gene from those who don't.